NORRES explains... Episode 3

The difference between flammable and flame retardant hoses

In the third episode of our YouTube series NORRES explains, Igor shows the important difference between flammable and flame retardant hoses.

Video transcription

Hello again, I am Igor, your fellow hose expert from the NORRES group and in this tutorial we will talk about flame retardant hoses.

What are flame retardant hoses and why it is important to use flame retardant hoses

First of all, what are flame retardant hoses? Flame retardant means that the hose starts burn later and is self extinguishing when the flame source is removed. Why it is important to use flame retardant hoses? Usually flammable materials are used. Especially in the woodworking industry. To see the difference of flammable and flame retardant hoses let me show you exactly what I'm talking about.

As you can see the hose began to burn quickly and when removing the flame the hose is not extinguished. The hose continued to burn and kept on dripping framing drops- Additionally there was a lot of smoke created in the short period of time.

In the second demonstration, I will show you what happens if we use a flame retardant hose like our a AIRDUC PUR 352 RAILWAY. We observe the following: the hose does not start to burn. As soon as I remove the flame, the softening stops and also there was no smoke.

Usage of flame retardant hoses

It should be very obvious what kind of disastrous scenarios could happen if a fire arises in your production plant. Our flame retardant hoses help to keep the effects for example of a malfunctioning machine controllable by extending the time to react and perhaps stop a fire as early as possible.

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Further information on flammability and temperature resistance of hoses

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