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Technical videos

NORRES explains... – The YouTube-video series from NORRES

NORRES explains... Episode 001:

Pulling out the earthing wire of NORPLAST® PUR-C/PVC-C AS hoses:

In this first episode of our new Youtube series, Igor gives you a few quick tips on how to lay open the earthing wire and how to remove the hosewall safely.

NORRES explains... Episode 002:

The importance of antistatic or electrically conductive hoses:

In this second episode of our Youtube series, Igor shows why it is important to use an antistatic or electrically conductive hose.

NORRES explains... Episode 003:

The difference between flammable and flame retardant hoses:

In the third episode of our Youtube series NORRES explains, Igor shows the important difference between flammable and flame retardant hoses.

NORRES explains... Episode 004:

The hose clamp product range of NORRES:

In the fourth episode of our Youtube series NORRES explains, Michael shows the various hose clamps NORRES offers and for which kind of hoses they can be used.

NORRES explains... Episode 005:

How to mount the CONNECT SAFETY CLAMP 231 system onto a hose:

The explanatory video series "NORRES explains" deals with questions about technical hoses and shows how they can be solved. The current video shows how to assemble the 231 SAFETY CLAMP SYSTEM.

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