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Hoses for all applications

Hoses for sweeping and cleaning machines

In this section, we would like to assist you with the selection of the appropriate hose for sweeping and cleaning machines. In the following, we have compiled an initial selection of the most suitable hoses from our range for use in municipal vehicles such as sweepers, lawn mowers, leaf blower and leaf collectors. All the products listed here are suitable for the reliable extraction of leaves, grass and other organic materials. For further about our range of hoses for sweeping machines and other municipal vehicles see below.

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Hoses for municipal vehicles

Applications and properties

When using the hose in and on sweeping and cleaning machines, the hose is exposed to high loads. Especially with sweepers often very abrasive materials and heavily soiled media must be transported. In these cases, the hose must be very abrasion resistant. The products AIRDUC® PUR 355 SWEEPER and AIRDUC® PUR 355 SWEEPER REINFORCED have proven to be particularly suitable for these applications, since these hoses have been specially developed for municipal vehicles and are therefore ideally suited for demanding transport of media due to their high abrasion resistance, microbe resistance and cold flexibility.
We recommend the products AIRDUC® PUR 350 AS, AIRDUC® PUR 351 FOOD, PROTAPE® PUR 327 MEMORY or PROTAPE® PUR 327 PP for the use on municipal embankment mowers as well as leaf blower and lawnmowers, as these hoses are microbe resistant. They have good abrasion resistance, but are more flexible and thus easier to handle.

Frequently asked questions

Which hoses are very robust?

All conveying and suction hoses listed in this category are highly abrasion resistant.

Which hoses are robust yet flexible?

The AIRDUC® PUR 350 AS, AIRDUC® PUR 351 FOOD, PROTAPE® PUR 327 MEMORY and PUR 327 PP are flexible, yet very robust and abrasion-resistant.

Why should hoses be resistant to microbes?

Non microbe resistant hoses may suffer microbes contamination when having contact with organic materials such as earth, whereby the hose is then no longer usable.

Technical details and standards

All antistatic hoses which are presented in this section have the following properties:
• Permanently antistatic wall: electrical and surface resistance < 109 ohm
• Certified according to TRGS 727 and ATEX 2014/34/EU
Further information on electrostatic charging can be found here.

The following hose types are according to the product standard DIN EN 26057:
• Type 2: AIRDUC® PUR 350 AS

The following hose types are flame-retardant:
• according to DIN 4102-B1 and conform to the safety regulations of the German Wood Trade: AIRDUC® PUR 350 AS / PUR 355 AS, NORPLAST® PUR 385 AS
• according to UL94-V2: AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS
• according to UL94-HB: AIRDUC® PUR 351 FOOD

For technical support please do not hesitate to contact us!

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