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Hoses for all applications

Exhaust gas hoses

In this section, we would like to assist you with the selection of the appropriate hose for exhaust gas extraction. In the following, we have compiled an initial selection of the most suitable hoses from our range of hoses for exhaust gas extraction. The products listed here are suitable for use in workshops for exhaust gas measurement, on engine test benches and exhaust systems for the vehicle sector. For further information about our range of exhaust gas hoses see below.

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Engine test bench, exhaust gas measurement
Recommended by NORRES customers
CP HiTex 481
CP Kapton® 476
CP HiTex 486
CP HiTex 483
Proven Alternatives
CP HiTex 485
CP HiTex 487

Hoses for exhaust gas extraction

Applications and properties

The exhaust gas hose is a flexible hose that is used to route exhaust gases from vehicles and other devices away from the operator. It is mainly used in vehicle exhaust gas systems, overhead and underfloor extraction systems and engine test benches in industry and workshops. In order to guarantee smooth and error-free use, the hoses must have certain properties. For example, hot gases up to several hundred °Celsius have to be transported without damaging the material. Also a flexible hose form is advantageous in order to withstand vibrations and impacts from outside.
The following of our hose products meet these requirements and can be safely used for the transport of exhaust gases:
• CP HYP 450 and CP HYP 450 PROTECT
• CP KAPTON® 476
• CP HiTex 481, 483, 485, 486 and 487

Frequently asked questions

Up to what maximum temperatures can the hoses be used?

up to 120°C: METAL HOSE 375
up to 170°C: CP HYP 450
up to 200°C: PROTAPE® TPE 326 MEMORY* and CP HYP 450 PROTECT*
up to 220°C: PROTAPE® TPE 325 WEAR STRIP
up to 300°C: CP ARAMID 461 and CP ARAMID 461 PROTECT*
up to 400°C: CP KAPTON® 476
up to 500°C: CP HiTex 487
up to 550°C: CP HiTex 485
up to 700°C: CP HiTex 481 and CP HiTex 486
up to 1100°C: CP HiTex 483

*when correctly applied with exhaust gas funnels and sufficient fresh air supply (50% approx.)

For which applications are the exhaust gas hoses suitable?

Typical application areas are the use in hose reels, floorgrid and underfloor extraction systems for the suction of exhaust gases as well as the exhaust gas measurement in vehicle exhaust systems. All hoses listed in this category are suitable for the aforementioned applications, in which the crush resistance of the PROTAPE® TPE 326 MEMORY or the abrasion protection via external clamp profile of the CP HYP 450 PROTECT and CP ARAMID 461 PROTECT are advantageous in car workshops. On the other hand the CP HiTex 485 and CP HiTex 486 are insulating and thus suitable for slight overpressure.

Technical details and standards

The following hose types have an aramid wall, which corresponds to the fire-class M1 according to UNE 23.727-90:

The following hose types are flame-retardant according to DIN 4102-B1:
• CP HiTex 481

For technical support please do not hesitate to contact us!

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