NORRES explains... Episode 7

The benefits of abrasion-resistant hoses

Scott explains the benefits of abrasion-resistant hoses in our seventh episode of our Youtube serie NORRES explains.

Video transcription

Hello, I'm Scott from the NORRES group. Today I would like to explain to you the benefits of abrasion resistant hoses and why they are important for special applications.

Why does abrasion occur on hoses?

Why does abrasion occur? Why does a hose wear over time at all? Let me explain that with an everyday example: a road sweeper collects everything from the road through a hose. The picked up media could be anything from pebbles, sand and many other kinds of debris like stones for example. These highly abrasive medias rub against the hose wall and excavate material from the hose wall. This is called abrasion.

Abrasion factors and the consequences for the hose

How strong this abrasion is depends on many things like the angle of impacts, the surface structure the hardness of the conveyed medium and the speed at which the medium hits the hose wall. Another aspect is the heat buildup caused by the friction between the medium and the hose wall. Due to that fact the thermoplastics soften at higher temperatures, it is possible that the hose loses its strength and therefore the amount of abrasion increases. Due to the avulsive wear of the hose wall the consequence is quite obvious. The hose wall weakens over time to a point where the hose cannot withstand the mechanical forces anymore and therefore will fail completely.

Abrasion-resistant hoses - The solution to the problem

So, is there a solution available? The short answer is yes, there is a solution. NORRES provides a range of hoses specifically designed for such applications. The abrasion-resistant hoses combine a particularly high-quality mixture of polyurethane materials with optimized reinforced hose designs developed for long service life while conveying highly abrasive media. Compared with similar grades of hoses, they are distinguished by the following special characteristics: Selective reinforcement of the wall geometry at primary points of wear, higher dimensional stability at higher temperatures, and use of raw materials with particularly high mechanical strength and special additives.

Abrasion-resistant hoses in the NORRES product range

How to find such hoses in the NORRES product range? NORRES labels such highly abrasion-resistant hoses with the following icon simply named abrasion resistant. So if you are in need of a hose that lasts continuous conveying of abrasive media, please pay attention to that icon. This was our guide looking at abrasion resistant hoses. I hope I was able to explain this topic to you in detail and clearly.

If you want to learn more head over to our home page where we discuss the topic in even more detail. You will find the link in the description. So I would like to thank you for watching this episode of our video series and hope to see you again soon. Until then, have a nice day, thank you and goodbye.

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Further information about our abrasion-resistant hoses

You can find our product range of abrasion-resistant hoses here.