NORRES explains... Episode 6

Benefits of "crush-resistant" hoses

In the sixth episode of our YouTube series NORRES explains, Michael examines the crush-resistance of NORRES MEMORY hoses and tests them against normal spiral hoses.

Video transcription

Hello, I'm Michael from the NORRES group. Today we want to demonstrate you the difference between treadable and passable hoses compared to other normal spiral hoses.

For which purposes do you need crush-resistant hoses?

But at first, we want to explain why do we need hoses that are rigid or that can be driven over at all. Let us assume, for example, you have a vehicle exhaust extraction system in a workshop and someone don't rewound the hose completely and the hose is lying on the floor. If you want to drive out the car, someone can drive over the hose or can step on the hose- First we want to start with non crush-resistant hose.

Field test with a normal spiral hose

So let's go outside. As we can see, the metal spiral has at the beginning a good resistance to stress only. However, the hose is not designed to handle this kind of load. The result is a plastic deformation of the hose wall. Although the hose is not completely defective, it is weakened in the affected area. It therefore has no longer the original pressure stability and the original profile. The flow rate and the flow resistance would no longer correspond to the initial state.

Field test with a crush-resistant hose

In contrast to this, we would like to show you what happens if you use a crush-resistant hose. For this we can use our PROTAPE 326 MEMORY. As we could see in the second test, the PROTAPE 326 MEMORY deformed back after loading. The hose can therefore still be used without any problems. The special feature of this product is the elastic hollow spiral. In summary, it can be said that depending on the area of application, it makes sense to use a crush-resistant hose.

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Further information about our crush-resistant hoses

You will find our product range of crush-resistant hoses here.