NORRES explains... Episode 2

The importance of antistatic or electrically conductive hoses:

In this second episode of our YouTube series, Igor shows why it is important to use an antistatic or electrically conductive hose.

Video transcription

Hello again, my name is Igor from the NORRES Group and in the following tutorial I will show you the dangers of using hoses without any antistatic or electrically conductive features in potentially explosion hazard areas.

Hazards when transporting media through hoses

What can happen during the transport of media through hoses? Electrostatic charge will be generated. In worst case it comes to a discharge in form of sparks in explosion hazard areas.

Cause of the electrostatic charge

Why the hoses become electrostatically charged? Because of friction. We talk about the friction between the hose wall and the medium, also the friction between the parts of the medium itself. This kind of friction is an unavoidable side effect when transporting certain media through hoses.

Hazards of the electrostatic charge

If the electrostatic charge is not dissipated properly, so that means the hose is not grounded properly the electrical charge will build up and sets the whole hose system under charge. Through that friction-based charge there is always a hazard of for example disfunction of measuring and control devices electrical discharges in form of sparks or even explosions.

Today we will demonstrate this kind of hazard to you. The white powder you will see demonstrates the atmosphere in form of dust. We pretend that the hose is not grounded properly and the flame you will see demonstrates the sparkings as a ignition source. This would have not happened if electrically conductive hoses were used and the whole hose system would have been properly grounded. As you can see it's very important to choose the right hose for your application. And to make sure that your hose systems are always grounded correctly. If you need help or got questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Also if you are interested, feel free to subscribe to our channel via the button down below. Thanks for watching and have a nice day. I hope to see you next time, goodbye!

Further information on electrostatic charging of hoses

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