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PROTAPE® Construction
PROTAPE® blueprint

(including TIMBERDUC® 531 – 532)

NORRES PROTAPE® film hoses have a spring steel wire embedded in the wall and are welded from spiral tape material. They are extremely flexible, compressible and lightweight.

We can adapt the design and characteristics of the hose to meet your specific requirements. This increases the benefit to the customer, creates added value and often reduces costs. Let us know what we can do for you!

  1. Welding:

    • Optimal quality due to a patented welding procedure
    • Coherent, secure bonding
    • Gas and liquid tight
    • Can be partially or completely coloured to meet customer specifications

  2. Extruded film tape:

    • Optimized for flow
    • Possible to reinforce at the primary points of wear

  3. Optimized design:

    • Highly compressible due to narrow overlapping
    • Extremely light and flexible
    • Folds evenly

  4. Steel wire:

    • No PVC-coated wires used
    • No softening of the reinforcement at high temperatures (in contrast to full plastic hoses)
    • Electrically dischargeable by grounding the wire

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