Hoses for the automotive industry

In this section, we would like to assist you with the selection of the appropriate hose for applications in the automotive industry. In the following, we have compiled an initial selection of the most suitable hoses from our range for use on industrial robots, welding robots and welding guns. All products listed here are suitable for transporting gases, dusts, solids and liquids and are thus ideally suited for use in the automotive industry. For further information about our range of hoses for the automotive industry see below.
  • Dust
  • Gas
  • Liquid
  • Solid
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Crush-resistant
  • High flexibility
  • Smooth interior
Abrasion resistant polyurethane hose/ tubing for industrial robots, fabric reinforced high pressure hose


  • self-locking
  • -35°C to +80°C
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Hoses for the automotive industry

Applications and properties:
The field of applications for hose used in the automotive industry is among other things on industrial robots and welding robots, since these hoses are resistant to welding sparks. Therefore, the NORFLEX® PUR 441 ROBOTIC and NORFLEX® PUR 401 WELDING can be used for the media routing of, for example, air or water in industrial robots.

Frequently asked questions:
Are the hoses NORFLEX® PUR 441 ROBOTIC and NORFLEX® PUR 401 WELDING silicone-free?
Yes, both hose types are made of a special polyurethane. The NORFLEX® PUR 401 WELDING also has a flame retardant additive, while the NORFLEX® PUR 441 ROBOTIC is fabric reinforced.

Which resistances have the hoses NORFLEX® PUR 441 ROBOTIC and NORFLEX® PUR 401 WELDING?
Both hose types are resistant to oil, gasoline and chemicals. They are also crush resistant, very abrasion resistant and very flexible.

Technical details and standards:
The following hose types are flame-retardant according to UL94-V0/V2:

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