Industrial hoses / Technical Hoses

  • NORRES technical hoses are designed for industry and are efficient, long-lasting and safe.
    Many types of NORRES industrial hoses are made from Pre-PUR®, a special type of ester and ether polyurethane. The benefits of this material include an especially long life and extremely high resistance to abrasion. Both of these properties enable extraordinarily long service lives, low conversion costs and therefore excellent cost efficiency. NORRES is a manufacturer of high-quality technical hoses, a provider of hose solutions and is a world leader in its core business field. We offer technical types of hoses for almost all industrial clusters, which feature special properties that make them ideal for a range of uses. NORRES’s hoses achieve long service lives thanks to the high-quality raw materials used in their production. NORRES’s industrial quality hoses also meet all the requirements of their respective field of application. This ensures that C-component hoses can be comprehensively and sustainably used in a wide range of industrial fields.
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