In recent years, NORRES has been honoured by many different organisations for its innovative products or the excellent customer-orientation. Following you will find an selection of these awards:

AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS receives the INDUSTRIEPREIS 2018 award

With the “INDUSTRIEPREIS 2018”, Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH honors advanced industrial products that showcase high economic, social, technological and ecological benefits. The NORRES Group applied for this award with one of our most popular selling products our AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS.

Revolutionary Product: AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS
The NORRES Group convinced the judges with our AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS, making it one of the best-placed applications in 2018. An independent team of industry experts, professors and journalists form the circle of judges. This blend creates maximum objectivity – what makes the award unique in the industry.

With the AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS, NORRES has launched a highly abrasion-resistant universal hose. The AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS is used across numerous industries such as the plastics industry, agriculture, construction industry and municipal vehicles. Its universal application possibilities are due to its industry leading product properties:

AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS is considered as extremely abrasion resistant and microbe resistant.  This hose has an increased pressure and vacuum resistance as well as good chemical resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals. AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS is rated for low temperature flexibility and is flame retardant according to UL94-V2 and DIN 4102-B1. The wall of the hose is permanently antistatic: volume resistance and surface resistance <10⁹ Ω and it is certified in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU and German TRGS 727. In addition, conforms to the safety regulations of the German Wood Trade Association.  It is also classified according to DIN 26057 Type 3. This hose can be used in a temperature range of -40 ° C to 90 ° C, for a short time up to 125 ° C.