In recent years, NORRES has been honoured by many different organisations for its innovative products or the excellent customer-orientation. Following you will find an selection of these awards:

Top award for the NORRES Group

In an objective and transparent selection process, the large-scale project “World Market Leader Index” identifies leading companies in various industries in the DACH area. Successful and internationally operating organisations, usually with leading technologies and premium quality products, are subsequently admitted to this independent listing. The NORRES Group has now been listed in the World Market Leader Index for the second year running.

NORRES Group in the World Market Leader Index

The NORRES Group has been listed once again in the World Market Leader Index, repeating the recognition first achieved last year. The Group meets the listed criteria published in the Index, such as at least 50% ownership in the DACH area and, with regard to the world market, operations on at least three out of six continents, either with its own production and distribution companies or by pursuing export activities. NORRES’ share of foreign sales amounts to more than 40%. NORRES has additionally been manufacturing in China and the USA for the past several years and has more successful subsidiaries in France, Poland, the UK, the Czech Republic and Taiwan.
NORRES has a long heritage of nearly 130 years, with a strong track record in expanding its business through product innovation and internationalisation. Since Managing Director Burkhard Mollen took over the running of the Group 16 years ago, NORRES has reported organic sales growth of more than 10% per year on average. These economic dynamics have recently increased, leading to organic growth of 20% in 2017 and continuing into 2018 at the same high rate. Since November 2018, NORRES has had the backing of a strong partner – Triton – who are contributing significantly to the Group’s expansion strategy and its efforts to achieve global market leadership.

What distinguishes a company as a world market leader?

For inclusion in the index, companies must meet a number of relevant criteria. In addition to the selection criteria, extensive information is collected on the shortlisted organisations and scientifically analysed by a research team as part of the project. All relevant information and data are subsequently evaluated and made publicly available in summarised form. Amongst other things, the criteria for admission include at least 50% ownership in the DACH area. In addition, companies must operate internationally on at least three out of six continents, either with their own production and / or distribution companies or by pursuing export activities. If annual sales exceed 50 million euros, the share of exports or foreign sales must amount to at least 50 percent. The companies must moreover be one of the two industry leaders in the relevant world market segment. The NORRES Group is listed in the World Market Leader Index as a “Future Champion”.