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NORRES voted Supplier of the Year 2018

VTH elects the Supplier of the Year – and the winner is NORRES!

Every year since 1984, VTH – the professional association for industrial distributors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – has conducted a survey to determine the “Supplier of the Year”; all industrial distributors who are VTH members are invited to assess their main suppliers for a particular product group on the basis of standardised evaluation criteria. The product category which is surveyed varies from year to year, to enable the complete spectrum to be covered. The product group chosen for 2018 was “Industrial Hoses (Any Material)”. The survey is designed to provide an impression of each supplier’s strengths and weaknesses concerning their cooperation with the industrial distributors for the relevant product category1. The distributers not only voted NORRES as their “Supplier of the Year, they also gave NORRES the best result in the 34 year-long history of this award.

What sets NORRES apart?

We would like to thank all industrial distributors who voted for us as their “Supplier of the Year” in the Industrial Hoses category; we see this award as added motivation to continue focusing projects for, and together with, our distributors in the future.
We received a lot of positive feedback regarding our implementation of innovative and distributor oriented projects such as the EDI interface, order tracking, electronic data, the marking of parcel and pallet goods, our extended opening hours and the discounted shipping rates.
Apart from optimised processes, we were also highly praised for our ongoing improvements to existing products as well as for brand new innovations by the NORRES Group like the NORPLAST® PUR 385 FOOD and the CLAMP 210 BRIDGE CLAMP.
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1 www.vth-verband.de/vth-im-ueberblick/lieferant-des-jahres/