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Statement on the current Corona situation

Statement from Nikolai Kummer, Head of Human Resources at the NORRES Group, on the current corona situation:

"Since the beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we at NORRES have implemented in an exemplary manner all security measures that have been necessary and recommended so far. Areas have been separated from each other, departments have been spatially split up, we carry out fever measurements and disinfect all workplaces and areas used on a daily basis.

The management team dispenses with physical joint meetings in order to ensure the business activities of the group. Any suspected cases of corona are isolated immediately, and NORRES bears the costs of a subsequent corona test.

All these measures have been and will be documented in a corona emergency manual and appropriate supplements are being trained. As a recommendation for action, we have also forwarded this emergency manual to our branches and - depending on the possibilities - these measures are also implemented there. This happens every day with enormous effort from all colleagues and managers - I would like to take this opportunity to thank all employees for their strong commitment!

An epidemic means constant change. For this reason, a corona crisis team meets every week and adapts any changes to our corona measures. The number of new corona infections is currently continuing to rise sharply - something to which we at NORRES are reacting immediately!

For example, our employees have the opportunity to switch back to their home office, provided they have a PC workstation. Last week, our crisis management team issued an obligation to wear a mouth and nose protector on our premises. This applies as soon as you leave your workplace.

The workplaces in the office building are still equipped with plexiglass dividers, so that all safety measures are also taken on site. In addition, even greater distances have been created between the workplaces. With these measures, we make clear our claim to the health of our employees and their families!“