• membrane tube diffusor, for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plant, pressure diffusion with fine bubbles, oxygen input for nitrification in activation basins, permanent and intermittend ventilation, oxygen input and circulation in fixed-bed and bioreactors, thorough mixing of activation basins, sand trap louvre ventilation, renaturation of lakes and rivers, aquacultures, fish farming


  • Operating range: normal operation 6-8, minimum 2, maximum 12 and purge operation 15Nm³/h (h*mdiffuser)
  • easily and quickly fitted
  • very good resistance to waste water and municipal sewerage in accordance with the latest instructions DWA-M 115
  • conforms to RoHS guideline

Temperature range

  • 32°F to 185°F

Design, material

wall: EPDM Support body: polypropylene clamps: stainless steel 1.4301/AISI 304/W2/INOX

    Delivery variants

    • black (standard)
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    in / mm
    Order No.
    Standard version 3 2.48 2.54 3/4 19.69 1.54 610-0570-2701
    Standard version 4 2.48 2.54 3/4 29.53 2.20 610-0820-2701
    Standard version 5 2.48 2.54 3/4 39.37 2.87 610-1070-2701
    Special type: Support body rigid PVC 7 2.48 2.54 3/4 19.69 1.54 610-0570-2704
    Special type: Support body rigid PVC 8 2.48 2.54 3/4 29.53 2.20 610-0820-2704
    Special type: Support body rigid PVC 9 2.48 2.54 3/4 39.37 2.87 610-1070-2704
    Oxygen supply capacity/ yield refer to full floor aeration with an arrangement density of 19% and a blow-in depth of 1,80 m. Measured in clean water according to DWA-M 209.The efficiency and reliability of NORRES membrane tube diffuser can be increased by optimising and adapting the operating parameters. The permanent elasticity of the membrane has a crucial influence on the uniformity of the opening characteristic of the slit perforation over the full operating range. This in turn ensures a largely constant performance of the fine-bubble, compressed air aeration system.

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