Social responsibility

NORRES Schlauchtechnik has a long history of responsible behaviour towards the society we live in. We frequently participate in activities that benefit charitable organisations. We are extremely keen to support projects that help the socially disadvantaged, especially when they involve children. We also make an active contribution towards environmental protection.

NORRES Schlauchtechnik makes regular donations to “Noah's Ark”, a charity that describes itself as “a children’s hospice in the region and for the region”. The Ark’s concept, which is the only one of its kind anywhere in Germany, defines two main functions: to offer a haven for incurably ill children and to act as a short-term care centre for youngsters with severe disabilities. The aim is to assist the families concerned by providing professional care and respite for children and teenagers in the Noah's Ark centre. NORRES traditionally makes a donation to this deserving cause at Christmas.

At NORRES, all people are equal. All our staff benefit from the same opportunities. Their ethnic origin, religion, social background, age, sex or disabilities are considered to be irrelevant. NORRES maintains close links with a centre for handicapped people. Disabled staff carry out their work directly on the NORRES site and are therefore fully integrated in the life of the company.

The sustainable use of natural resources is firmly entrenched in NORRRES Schlauchtechnik's daily work processes. The move to our new “Am Stadthafen” facility coincided with extensive investments in eco-friendly production and HVAC technologies. Efficient insulation, double glazing, centrally controlled air conditioning with water chillers and production utilising heat recovery mean optimal protection for the environment. Since taking possession of the new and completely refurbished plant at the port of Gelsenkirchen in 2009, NORRES has succeeded in reducing the consumption of water, electricity and heating fuel dramatically – despite an almost fourfold increase in floor space.

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Time to help - NORRES supports the children's hospice in the region

Continuing the Christmas tradition, NORRES supports the Gelsenkirchen children's hospice Arche Noah. Especially in these difficult times, it is important to the company group to support the work of the only children's hospice in Gelsenkirchen - even if everything is a little different this year.

Christmas donation - at a distance

NORRES Schlauchtechnik has been supporting Noah's Ark in Gelsenkirchen with a Christmas donation for over ten years. The donation is not only a sum of money which is handed over, but also stands for sympathy, honest commitment and the personal contact with Noah's Ark - which has been existing for years. Due to the Corona pandemic, it is with a heavy heart that this year we will forego a personal meeting within this framework. But this does not apply to the support that makes it possible to make the quality of life of the affected children and their parents a little bit easier!

The Arche Noah

The Arche Noah is a unique, national organisation with two functions: It is a short-term establishment for severely disabled children and also a hospice for terminally ill children. The aim of the organisation is to support and relieve families by providing children and young people at the Arche Noah with professional care. The Arche Noah in Gelsenkirchen describes itself as a “house of life”, which can be seen in the bright, inviting and colourful design of the rooms and outside areas.