NORRES Sustainability

NORRES – paperless office

Due to the strategy of sustainability the NORRES Group changed to a “paperless office”. That means, among energy saving and improvement in efficiency, the office workaday is oriented to the environment protection. All daily processes are reproduced electronically at NORRES, so they can be done without any paper.

If the use of paper is essential, for example at the catalogue production, NORRES counts on certified FSC® paper.

All products bearing the FSC® label come from responsibly managed forests. The FSC® label also guarantees that the products concerned have not been mixed with non-certified – in other words, non-controlled – wood or paper from controversial sources at any point in the chain of custody.

FSC® labelled products promote responsible forest management!

paperless office

Energy saving production and HVAC technologies

At the NORRES Schlauchtechnik headquarters at the port of Gelsenkirchen, our modern and highly impressive HVAC technology helps protect the environment. Significant energy savings are achieved here at every level! NORRES pursues a consistent sustainability strategy which testifies to its commitment to the future.

Environmentally compatible HVAC technology

  • Efficient insulation, double glazing
  • Centrally controlled air conditioning in all offices (sunshades with separate programmes for summer and winter)
  • Production utilising heat recovery
  • State-of-the-art cooling system in the production plant
  • Eco-sanitation system with automatic water-saving shut-off function (for showers, taps and toilet flushes)
  • Energy saving lamps throughout the building

Protection of natural resources

  • Logistical distances reduced to a minimum
  • Workflows optimised and completely reorganised in all areas
  • Environmentally friendly paper used for all printed documents

Outcome of the energy saving measures

Our consumption of water, electricity and heating fuel has been dramatically reduced – despite an almost fourfold increase in floor space:

  • Water:
    Water consumption (in cubic metres) has been cut by 92% per square metre since moving to our new site. In absolute terms, consumption is down 72%.
  • Electricity:
    Electricity consumption (in kilowatt hours) has been cut by 73% per square metre since moving to our new site.
  • Heating fuel:
    Heating fuel consumption (in kilowatt hours) has been cut by 65% per square metre since moving to our new site.